Are my Clarifying Consultations for you?

  • Does the idea of building a website makes you feel overwhelmed, fearful and confused?
  • So much so that you are constantly putting it off?
  • Would you like a more personal hand-holding approach?
  • Are you looking for a web designer that can support and consult you through the process?

My Clarifying Consultations offer you my unique Clarfiying Coaching Approach that’s based on my 18+ years of web design experience and advanced healing practice.

I can help you!

  • Get Clearer, Get Moving and Get Online
  • Find what the root causes / limiting beliefs are preventing you from getting focused and motivated.
  • Discover where your gifts are and where you need the most support in building your website.
  • Move more fearlessly towards putting together an outline and goals for your website.
  • Feel confident and ready to build your website.