WOW Women Talks

When one woman helps another, AMAZING (Read WOW) things happen!

The WOW Women Talks platform invites women in and around Ottawa to participate in meaningful inquiry and inspired conversation with guest speakers from different walks of life, who will share stories in terms of their values, their achievements, their goals and their strong sense of community to find opportunities, to address issues and to help you find success. No matter where you might be in your professional development or what field you are in, our platform offers a wide range of support and resources to advance from the classrooms to the boardrooms.

At every event of WOW Women Talks, there would be three different prominent women leaders who are excel in their fields and will share game-changing ideas with you. You can expect to hear empowering and inspirational talks about life and livelihood successes, as well as failures from diverse backgrounds. You will not only get answers to your most pressing career questions but also exchange ideas and practice proven skills. With every speaker speaking for about 20-minutes, our goal is to condense ideas into bite-sized chunks that are fun and equally memorable. Our talks will leave you impressed, entertained and enlightened!

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